Frequently asked Questions

What is an Event

Events are organized group fundraising usually involving some type of activity such as bike rides, marathons, walkathons, eating contests or shaving your head. Participants sign up to the event through the RFC website and create their supporter page. All donations received via a supporter page goes towards the collective total for the event.

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What is a participant page?

A participant page is your personal fundraising page. You can fundraise in an event or as an individual the choice is yours. Simply create the supporter page, direct your friends, family and work mates to your supporter page and start receiving donations.

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Can I fundraise for an individual or club?

You can raise money for anything and anyone on Raise For Cause. Please note however that only donations to registered charities with DGR status can receive a tax deduction.

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How do I create a supporter page

Event Supporter Page

Go to the event you wish to join and click “start fundraising” and fill out the details.

Individual Supporter Page

To create an individual support page search our database for your chosen charity and then click "start fundraising". Fill in the details and send out to all your friends using our social media links.

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How do I create an event

To create an event go to the Post event page and fill in the details. The Raise for Cause admin team will then review your event before it is live on the website. Please be advised that this may take up to 24 hours.

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How do I sign up as a charity

If you represent a charity then sign up here. Once you have signed up our RFC team will send you the charity agreement that is required to be filled out before a charity can officially sign up to RFC. The charity agreement gives us the authority to accept donations and to issue receipts on behalf of the charity.

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My charity isn’t on the site

If your chosen charity is not on the Raise for Cause website contact us here with the details of the charity and we will send a request for them to join.

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Fees and charges

Raise For Cause was built to minimize the fees incurred to charities for fundraising online. We aim to keep our fees lower than others so that more money gets into the hands of the charities.

Transaction Fee

Raise For Cause charges a 5% administration/processing fee including GST.

RFC Fee: $5
Paypal Fee: $2.40
Donation received: $92.60

Listing Fee

RFC doesn't charge any monthly fees to be lsited on the RFC system.

Event Upgrades

RFC offers event upgrades including supporter page customization, featured events, raffle and ticketing and much more. Contact us today and chat with our RFC team to see how we can help customize your event fundraising pages.

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