About Raise For Cause
Tony Abbott and Joshua Real
Joshua Real after riding 1200kms in the Tour Duchenne

Raise For Cause began with a simple idea of promoting fitness through charity fundraising events.

Work out your body and soul at the same time!

After completing a 1200km bike ride for muscular dystrophy in 2010 Raise For Cause founder, Joshua Real (Pictured above), developed the mindset that if he could ride 1200kms and lose 20kgs training for the event, others could do it too! The idea was put on the back burner until a conversation between Josh and his brother in-law, Matthew Jacobsen, brought the idea bubbling to the surface again. They began devloping a charity fundraising website that would focus around fitness and weight loss.

Raise For Cause has the simple mission of promoting an active lifestyle while doing something worthwhile at the same time!

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